Respiratory Therapy

Conserving Regulator

Product Description

This lightweight EconO2mizer II conserver is remarkably quiet with no hissing during pulse delivery.

  • Color-coded selector knob (green for conserve, white for continuous) makes it easier to identify what setting is selected, which can help oxygen tanks last longer
  • This device, with 3 continuous settings, has 6 conserving flow settings including a new setting of 2.5
  • Weight is only 13 oz.
  • Conserving ratio: 5.7:1


Product Description

Charcoal foam, manufactured using a reticulatedUsed for the treatment of spontaneously breathing patients who would benefit from high flow warmed and humidified respiratory gases. Includes patients who have upper airways bipassed polyether and polyurethane hydrophobic material.

  • Integrated flow generator delivers a wide flow range (2 – 60 L/min) for both pediatric and adult patients
  • No wall air supply required
  • Three temperature settings (37, 34, 31 °C) help achieve comfort and compliance
  • 2-60 L/min; depending on the interface
  • 4.8 lbs (11.6”x6.7”x6.9”)

Air Compressor

Product Description

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  • Designed for efficient, continuous high-pressure performance
  • Ultra-powerful compressor for both humidification and high flow, high-pressure nebulization of viscous medications
  • Optimizes medication delivery by aerosolizing to a particle size of < 2 microns Lightweight, durable and easy-to-clean design
  • Detachable door protects internal components

Stationary Suction Machine

Product Description

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  • This powerful and durable suction pump combines the performance expected for an institution with the ease of operation needed for homecare or facility
  • Vacuum levels up to 560 mmHg

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Product Description

Our portable concentrator offers continuous flow and pulse flow settings available while operating on DC power.

  • Flow: 1-3 liters per minute
  • Battery cartridge will re-charge when unit is connected to DC power for all continuous flow settings up to 2.0 LPM and all pulse flow settings 1 to 9 flow
  • Next generation internal components enhance unit reliability
  • Eclipse 5 Only: 15.0 lb
  • Eclipse 5 w/ Battery Installed: 18.4 lb

Trilogy 100

Product Description

Light, versatile and easy-to-use, that’s the Trilogy100 portable ventilator at its essence. With its light weight and proven technology, Trilogy100 makes invasive and non-invasive treatment less complicated for a wide range of adult and pediatric patients. Trilogy 100 offers you and your patients one of life’s greatest qualities. Simplicity. Whether at home or in alternative care sites, the Trilogy 100 portable volume and pressure support ventilator, made for both adult and pediatric use, is easy to learn, set up and operate.

  • Easy to use, easy to read and easy to navigate screens with clear and concise directions
  • More portable: the Trilogy 100 weighs in at a mere 11 pounds with a compact design and a 3-hour internal battery as well as a 3-hour detachable battery, which can be quickly exchanged
  • More versatile: the Trilogy 100 is both a pressure support and a volume control ventilator giving you the ability to provide more types of therapy for a single patient using one device
  • Easy to monitor: there are times when patients require changes in therapy. That’s why the Trilogy 100 has reporting software, which streamlines reporting to help you identify adjustments necessary to maintain effective treatment and improve patient care.
  • The software provides the following information: Breath-by-breath waveforms, Short-term and long-term trends , Statistics and patterns of usage
  • Dimensions (6.6″ L x 11.2″ W x 9.3″ H)

Cough Assist

Product Description

CoughAssist® help patients clear bronchial secretions when they can’t cough for themselves. The CoughAssist from Respironics is the safe, noninvasive and comfortable way to reduce risk of airway damage and respiratory complications. It clears the way for better breathing. This unique noninvasive tool helps patients by enhancing or replacing their natural removal of bronchial secretions via “mechanical insufflation-exsufflation” – the gradual application of positive pressure to the airway followed by a rapid shifting to negative pressure. The slow inhale/rapid exhale airflow simulates the natural coughing process, while avoiding the potential problems associated with more invasive procedures.

10 Liter Hi Flow Concentrator

Product Description

Airsep NewLife Intensity 10 Oxygen Concentrator is a high flow oxygen concentrator that delivers up to 10 LPM of continuous oxygen. High pressure and high flow oxygen combine to add more utility to the Intensity Oxygen Concentrator. For instance, the Intensity Concentrator can provide oxygen for large volume jet nebulizers, venti-masks, medication nebulizers, long oxygen tubing or dual flow. The Intensity Concentrator can administer humidified oxygen to a trach patient by connecting a jet neb bottle to the O2 outlet on the concentrator. The concentrator offers Oxygen Patients more flexibility in special applications that most concentrators are not designed to accomplish.

  • High pressure capacity of 20 psig, which is approximately three times higher than most oxygen concentrators


Product Description

Our InnoSpire Essence compressor nebulizer system by Respironics provides fast and efficient aerosol drug delivery in a compressor nebulizer system.

  • Designed to drawn in more air, via active venturi system, resulting in faster drug delivery and shorter treatment times
  • Has unique diamond jet design that helps to minimize wear from frequent use and ids consistent delivery of a high quality aerosol
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 4.2″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″

Pulse Oximeter

Product Description

Our 2500A hand-held oximeter with memory and alarms is a small, versatile digital pulse oximeter for accurate assessment of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. It is ideal for ambulatory monitoring and overnight recordings.

  • Has two-button operation
  • Extremely compact
  • Three power options
  • Features visual and audible alarms

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