Wound Care


Gauze Dressing Kits

Product Description

Conveniently packaged kits with individual sterilized components. Each gauze kit contains: Gauze: pad or roll FitPad suction interface with Quick-connector Transparent film (one or two pieces depending on the kit size) Saline (one or two vials depending on the kit size)

  • Invia Gauze Dressing Kits available in two sizes: Medium and Large

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Invia FitPad Suction

(Single Sterile Item)

Product Description

The low profile design and flexible wings of the Invia FitPad permits appropriate placement in difficult anatomic locations.

  • Quick-connecting interface between dressing tubing and canister tubing provides an easy and secure attachment

Transparent Film (Single Sterile Item)

Product Description

Transparent film used for….

  • The intuitive markings of the transparent film simplify the application technique
  • The transparent film size is 26cm x 32cm


Product Description

Description goes here.

  • Two available sizes (300ml and 800ml) for maximum flexibility
  • Built-in bacteria filter
  • Self-sealing filter protects from liquids
  • Built-in solidifier for convenient disposal
  • Sterile, for single use

Medela Liberty
Negative Pressure Pump

Product Description

Invia Liberty is a reusable NPWT system indicated to treat a variety of wound types in all patient care settings. A proven and versatile system, Invia Liberty offers clinical flexibility with choice of pressure settings and therapy modes while promoting patient mobility due to the NPWT pumps compact size and lightweight design. 

  • Active exudate management and pressure control from the pump to the wound site
  • Pressure options -40to – 200mmHg including standard -125 mmHG
  • On-screen air leak detector
  • New custom air leak modes for normal and large wounds
  • Easy and secure tubing attachment with the quick-connector
  • One-touch canister release button
  • Choice of 300 ml and 800 ml disposable canisters with solidifier

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