Ventilator – Trilogy 100

 In Respiratory Therapy


· Trilogy100 Ventilator
· Key Benefits:
· Easy to use
· Easy-to-read
· Easy-to-navigate
· Trilogy100’s intuitive design allows for quick access to device settings and patient information. It has the option of displaying detailed readings for you or simplified screens for the patient and caregiver. It also allows you to set dual prescriptions – one for daytime and a second for when your patient is sleeping.
· Versatile
· Trilogy100 weighs 11 pounds.
· Includes a 3-hour internal and 3 hour detachable battery
· In-use bag offers a simple option for transport
· Powerful
· Digital AutoTrak
· Internal PEEP
· Ability to use S, S/T, T, and PC modes for patients who require both invasive and noninvasive ventilation.
· Passive circuit
· Whisper Swivel II for invasive ventilation
· Or mask with an integrated leak for noninvasive ventilation. Compatible with both pressure and volume modes.
· Active with PAP circuit
· Supports proximal pressure sensing
· The Flow Trigger initiates when the patient’s inspiratory effort creates a flow equal to or greater than the flow sensitivity setting.
· DirectView Software
· Prescription management
· DirectView streamlines reporting to help identify adjustments necessary to maintain effective treatment and improve patient care. Data can be exported into most
statistical applications in an open format for clinicians to share for further analysis. This allows prescription management through the use of a commonly available SD memory card.

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